kayla. twenty. i don't live here.

“I’d like to raise both of my middle fingers to him and anyone who thinks profanity is somehow more harmful to our children than images of violence and misogyny.”

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m.i.a. is perfection embodied

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100% babe status

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i haven’t been on my laptop in literal months and the first thing i do when i get on again …. get on tumblr


drew this back before the show even aired and totally forgot it was sitting in my drafts. one’s a cannibal psychiatrist, the other pretends to be serial killers for a living! TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT CRIME. (sort of.)


Pharrell x Nardwuar


Happy 86th Birthday to the legendary Sidney Poitier!

Who wants to play video games?

Screencap Meme → Number 01: Faceless.

Harry Potter requested by thorinian

“I don’t care how much black semen you catch, you’re not absolved of saying racist shit because you have a black child and a black husband.”

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